Legal Services

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Axis Title is an attorney owned and operated Title Company, giving us the ability to handle all aspects of your closing and beyond, including estate planning.

Our legal team at Axis Title is able to negotiate and draft residential and commercial contracts, draft mortgages and notes, and provide representation for either party in a transaction. In preparation for closing, we can draft power of attorney agreements, correct chain of title documents, and draft other documents necessary to ensure a smooth and successful closing.

Allow our legal team to be your first line of defense in the case of a foreclosure, lien or pending litigation on your property. We provide foreclosure avoidance and reinstatement negotiation services and we are also able to assist in the transfer of your property by short sale or Deed in Lieu.


List Of Legal Services

  • Negotiation, drafting, and review of residential and commercial real estate purchase or lease agreements
  • Listing to closing of “For Sale by Owner” transactions
  • Drafting of deeds, notes, and mortgages, chain of title corrections
  • Power of Attorney agreements
  • Drafting of deeds, notes, mortgages, and chain of title corrections
  • Drafting of Power of Attorney agreements
  • Drafting and review of estate planning mechanisms such as wills, trusts and enhanced estates
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Short sale negotiation
  • Deed in Lieu negotiation
  • Due diligence on behalf of buyer or seller
  • Formation of Business Entities for Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Title Insurance claims
  • 1031 Exchanges