Purchase and Sale

5 Great Steps to Buying a New Home
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Once a seller and buyer have negotiated a contract, the Axis Title steps in and acts as the intermediary between all parties involved. Axis Title examines title, records all legal documents, transfers funds and finalizes the purchase or sale of real property.

Buying or selling a home can be a daunting task for the buyer, seller and even their agents! At Axis Title, we anticipate the needs of all parties and stay ahead in the transaction by calendaring each and every critical date indicated in the contract. We place particular emphasis on both efficient communication and complete transparency and we seek to provide practical solutions to any issues that may arise.

What to Expect at Closing?

The closing date is usually scheduled ahead of time by the buyer and seller. At Axis Title, we make sure to do everything possible in advance so your closing day is stress-free. Prior to closing, we will clear any issues that appear on the title commitment and coordinate with your lender to receive your closing package in a timely manner. On consummation day, your signing agent will meet with you to review and sign documents, money will be distributed to the appropriate parties, and ownership will be transferred to the buyer. The seller does not have to attend the scheduled closing and can sign the seller documents in advance and at another location if necessary.

Mail Away Closing

At Axis Title we understand that real estate owners in South Florida come from all corners of the globe. We are able to effectively host your closing from any location worldwide. Through our notary network and affiliate underwriters we have the ability to handle closings in any part of the world. Our team is knowledgeable on the requirements mandated by other countries and can assist in conducting international closings.