REO / Auction Sales

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REO Properties

Axis Title is the experienced Title Insurance Agency that Lenders and Asset Managers need by their side. Our staff is knowledgeable and accustomed to all aspects of REO transactions. We have experience directly managing portfolios for institutional investors and loan services. We identify the common obstacles in the REO sales process and provide solutions to assist in a successful closing.

Auction Sales

Purchasing a property at the courthouse steps or auction website can be a bargain, but there is often risk associated with reduced prices. We can help you factor the risks into your price.

There are various types of foreclosure and auction sales. At Axis Title, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through this process. We can help you identify liens that will remain after acquiring the asset. Purchases through online auction websites often come with pages of fine print. Our legal team can identify pitfalls and minimize risk exposure. Axis Title can assist you in obtaining title insurance and provide you with peace of mind in your transaction.